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Most Rhode Islanders share a vision of what the Ocean State should strive for: great schools for our children, safe roads and bridges, vibrant communities, prosperous families, and access to quality and affordable health care, housing, and child care. The primary way we pay for these things is through our taxes.

Tax and budget accountability and transparency are important to Rhode Islanders. We deserve to know both how the state raises revenue, and how it forgoes revenue through tax expenditures including tax incentives, credits and exemptions. We also deserve to know whether our tax dollars are being well spent and whether policies that forfeit revenue are achieving their intended result.

The state budget is the most important public policy document in Rhode Island. Decisions about how much to spend, what to spend it on and how to pay for these priorities have a significant impact on families and communities across the state. It is important for Rhode Islanders to understand the budget process and have a powerful voice in the debate over tax and spending decisions.


Budget Matters

Our Budget Matters fact sheets highlight timely issues of Rhode Island's state budget.


Budget 101

Read our presentation about the development of the state budget and how Rhode Islanders can weigh in.