Outcomes of 2013 Legislative Session

The Institute engaged in research, public education, and advocacy to influence a

host of policy changes that will impact the economic well-being of low- and modest-income Rhode Islanders and the fiscal health of our state including:

  • Child care assistance was expanded so that families can climb the job ladder
  • Adults without children will be eligible for health insurance through Medicaid
  • Many workers will get a raise through an increase in the minimum wage
  • Families no longer need to pay RIte Care premiums for children
  • Thousands of parents will lose their RIte Care health insurance coverage
  • Payday lending reform was not enacted this year
  • State funds were invested in workforce training for the first time
  • Lawmakers turned up the volume on silent spending by requiring that economic development tax incentives be evaluated every three years

Read our summary of these changes that were included in our annual legislative agenda.

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