Meeting Basic Needs in the COVID-Changing World

About this event

During the pandemic, the federal government funded new programs and expanded benefits of existing programs to help people as they lost jobs, income, and healthcare coverage. But on September 6, millions across the U.S. and thousands in the Ocean State will lose their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) which offered Americans a boost of $300 a week to help them meet their basic needs. SNAP benefits are also changing while other assistance programs will change down the road.

This webinar explains the current and expected changes. It also provides an overview of eligibility for basic needs programs, including SNAP, Child Care Assistance, RI Works, Health Insurance, and how to apply for these benefits. The webinar also covers another significant change: the repeal of the expanded ‘public charge rule’ which led to unnecessary fear among immigrants and reluctance to apply for the basic-needs benefits to which they are entitled.