Campaigns to Get Involved

The Institute is working in coalition with different community partners on issues that affect low- and moderate-income Rhode Islanders. Check out our active campaigns below to learn how to get involved.

RIght From the Start

RIght from the Start is a legislative and state budget campaign to advance policies for young children and their families in Rhode Island. While Rhode Island has much to offer, the reality is too many families struggle to support their young children during the critical early years of brain development.

Protect Our HEALTHCARE Coalition

The Protect Our Healthcare Coalition consists of a group of leading Rhode Island consumer and non-profit service organizations as well as hundreds of individuals working to protect access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Rhode Islanders.

Revenue for Rhode Island

The Revenue for Rhode Island is a campaign to raise much-needed revenue for Rhode Island by ensuring the top 1% of earners contribute their fair share.

The revenues raised through this legislation can be used to fund vital programs and services that impact all Rhode Island families – like public education, infrastructure improvements, better care for our seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities, and much more.

Paid Family Leave

Rhode Island workers need paid family leave in order to take care of and/or bond with their loved ones. Get involved in our paid family leave campaign!

Help Increase Rhode Island’s Earned Income Tax Credit!

The EITC is a common sense tax break that reduces the income tax owed by low-wage working families, allowing them to keep more of their paycheck. Over the last few years, 86,000 Rhode Island taxpayers saw an increase to their state EITC and are set to see another increase for tax year 2017 from 12.5% of the federal credit to 15%! This means Rhode Island working families will have more dollars to pay for the basics. Let’s keep the momentum going by increasing the state EITC even further.

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