Improving economic security and opportunity for single mother households in Rhode Island

 A new report suggests that a handful of state policy changes could improve the economic circumstances of single-mother households in Rhode Island including, but not limited to:

•  Improve the State’s cash assistance program “Rhode Island Works” so it is better able to prepare low-skilled mothers for the workforce;

•  Make modest expansions to the State’s child care assistance program to mitigate the “cliff effect” and allow access to parents who want to improve their skills.

•  Increase the State’s minimum wage to $8.25.

•  Enhance the State’s earned income tax credit by increasing the amount of the refund that is available to working families.

•  Repeal the RIte Care premium so that in covering both parents and children, families aren’t required to pay two premiums – one for RIte Care for their children and one for health insurance for parents through the new Exchange.


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