DEMOCRACY AND EQUITY IN ACTION to make room for broader participation in the political and legislative processes

  • Let RI Vote by removing barriers and expanding access for voters

Make voting by mail easier, including allowing a request for a mail ballot without needing a special reason. House 7100 (Kazarian) / Senate 2007 (Euer)

  • Allow for timely voter registration

Joint Resolution calling for a vote on an amendment to the Rhode Island Constitution to eliminate the rule that voter registration must be completed at least 30 days prior to an election. House 7225 (Biah) / Senate 2216 (DiMario)

Let RI Vote campaign

  • Require equity impact analysis and statements for legislative proposals

Institute requirement for proposed legislation to include statements concerning whether the legislation will likely increase or decrease racial, ethnic, gender, and disability equity and disparities. House 7736 (Cassar)