Affordable Health Insurance Options for Uninsured Rhode Islanders

The type of health insurance available to you and your family depends on your income. Adults with income below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) may be eligible for RIte Care/Medicaid. The RIte Care/Medicaid income limits for children and pregnant women are higher.

Individuals and families with income above the RIte Care/Medicaid limits can buy coverage through Health Source RI (HSRI). Tax credits are available to help pay for coverage if income is below 400% FPL and if income is less than 250% FPL you can also get help paying for out-of-pocket costs (cost-sharing reduction).

Parents with children enrolled in RIte Care who have family income below 175% FPL can receive state premium assistance to help pay the cost of a HSRI plan. Finally, youth who were in foster care in Rhode Island and had RIte Care when they turned 18 are eligible for RIte Care coverage until they turn 26.


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