Telephone Assistance: Landline and Cellphone Programs

There are a number of programs to assist low-income individuals pay for phone related costs.

Landline Phone Assistance:

Programs through Cox Communications and Verizon provide a discount on monthly local telephone bills and help reduce the cost of initiating telephone service. Discounts vary by company, but are approximately $8 – 13/month from a telephone bill and up to 50% off the cost of installation.

Individuals or families receiving any of the following benefits may be eligible: Cash assistance, SSI, GPA, Medical Assistance/RIte Care, SNAP, LIHEAP or RIPAE (only if qualify for 60% discount). For more information contact Life Line Support.

Cell Phone Assistance:

A number of companies provided free cell phones with limited free minutes for Rhode Islanders receiving government assistance benefits or who have income less than 135% of the federal poverty level ($17,388 /individual).

Please contact the companies directly to find out specific eligibility requirements and how to apply.