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Family Economic Security

Improving a Common Sense Tax Credit for Working Rhode Islanders: Increase the Rhode Island Earned Income Tax Credit
February 03, 2016Rhode Islanders who work full-time should be able to support their
families. Yet, far too many are struggling to pay for housing, heat,
food, and health care. This issue brief highlights reasons why Rhode Island’s refundable Earned
Income Tax Credit should be increased.
How you can help increase Rhode Island’s Earned Income Tax Credit!
February 03, 2016 – Learn how you can help Rhode Island working families keep more of their paycheck through an increased state Earned Income Tax Credit.
2015 Legislative Outcomes
July 07, 2015This year the Institute informed and influenced the debate on a host of policy issues related to tax policy, child care, and health care. Here is a summary of several policy changes that will have an impact on the fiscal health of Rhode Island and its residents.
Making Child Care Affordable for More Rhode Island Families
May 26, 2015Our latest issue brief about important policy changes that could help make child care affordable for more families in Rhode Island.
Testimony regarding increasing the minimum wage
April 08, 2015 – The Economic Progress Institute supports this bill to increase the
minimum wage to $10.10 next year. Lawmakers have made real progress in
this area over the past two years and we are pleased to see a commitment
to raising the labor and living standards of our workers going forward.
Highlights from Governor Raimondo’s FY16 Budget
March 24, 2015Five highlights from Governor Raimondo’s Fiscal Year 16 budget.
A Summary of the Medicaid Proposals in Governor Raimondo’s FY16 Budget
March 23, 2015 – A brief summary of the changes being proposed to Rhode Island’s Medicaid program through Governor Raimondo’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget.
RI Work and Income Supports Among Lowest in New England
December 17, 2014Despite the oft-cited myth that the state offers more help to its residents than other states, the support we provide for working and under-employed families is among the lowest in New England.
2014 Rhode Island Standard of Need
December 17, 2014 Our study that documents what it costs to live and raise a family in Rhode Island and how work supports help families close the gap between income and expenses and meet their basic needs.
Policy Outcomes 2014
July 16, 2014This brief summary highlights several policy changes made in 2014 that will have an impact on the fiscal health of Rhode Island and its residents.
How Child Care Expansions Help R.I. Moms
May 09, 2014Read about how recent expansions in child care assistance have helped Rhode Island moms who are trying to improve their family’s economic security.
Improving access to affordable child care
May 02, 2014 – Read more about the bills that the Institute is supporting to expand access to affordable child care, which is critical to low- and modest-income working families in Rhode Island.
Improve Rhode Island’s Earned Income Tax Credit to Help Hard-working Rhode Islanders
March 31, 2014 – Rhode Island should make the state EITC fully refundable to enhance the credit’s effectiveness. This would help families offset the impact of regressive state and local taxes, help pay for one-time expenses such as car repairs and security deposits, and help families meet basic living expenses.
Work in Progress: Latinos in the RI Workforce
October 17, 2013While the working age Latino population is expected to increase by 5.6 percent by 2020, this demographic faces a number of challenges to realize their professional potential.  This infographic below highlights many of the strengths and challenges facing Latinos in the Rhode Island workforce.
Improving economic security and opportunity for single mother households in Rhode Island
May 10, 2013A new report suggests a handful of state policy changes could improve the economic circumstances of single-mother households in Rhode Island.
Raising the minimum wage to $10.10: A win-win for Rhode Island workers and the economy
April 04, 2013The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 would put more money in the pockets of workers and local cash retailers, and thus help Rhode Island’s economy.
Testimony in support of child care assistance during training
April 02, 2013 – The Economic Progress strongly supports S-250 which would provide child care assistance to parents participating in short term training leading to a job.
Testimony opposing the adoption of an insurance verification system
February 26, 2013 – The Economic Progress Institute is strongly opposed to the adoption of the insurance confirmation system outlined in House Bill 5533 and 5150.
Testimony in support of the minimum wage
February 05, 2013 – The Institute supports an increase in the minimum wage to $8.25. Read our testimony to the House Labor Committee.
Response to Governor Chafee’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014
January 26, 2013Learn what is and is not included in the Governor’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014 with respect to workforce development, tax policy, health care, and programs for low and modest-income Rhode Islanders.