Advancing Equity and Economic Opportunities in Rhode Island

The Economic Progress Institute’s 2023 Legislative Agenda focuses on advancing equity in Rhode Island,
encompasses policy priorities informed by community partners and coalitions, and aims to improve economic
security and opportunity for all Rhode Islanders.

Equity in Action

  • Require equity impact statements
  • Reduce the cost of driver privilege cards
  • Increase equity in the criminal justice system
  • Improve the RI Works Program

Economic Equity and Justice

  • Expand early education and childcare assistance
  • Improve paid family medical leave
  • Raise the minimum wage and eliminate the tipped minimum wage
  • Increase the budget for adult education

Tax, budget, and Revenue Fairness and Equity

  • Create a new tax for the top 1%
  • Increase capital gains taxes and tax non-owner-occupied second homes
  • Increase the state Earned income Tax Credit (EITC)

Equity in Healthcare

  • Codify Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance consumer protections in state law
  • The Equality in Abortiono Coverage Act (EACA)
  • Reduces costs & increase Medicare savings program income limits

Democracy in Action

  • Increase voter access and participation