Other Health Coverage

Scroll down to learn how uninsured Rhode Islanders can purchase private insurance (AccessBlue) or access independent doctors through a membership network (HealthAccessRI, Access Basic Care or Hillside Health Access Alliance).


AccessBlue – Opening the Door to Affordable Health

Uninsured Rhode Island residents who are not eligible for other health insurance can purchase family or individual health and/or dental coverage directly from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI).

AccessBlue is a Blue Cross program that helps qualifying individuals and families pay for their health coverage. If you qualify, depending on the plan you select, AccessBlue will pay a portion of your monthly bill as shown in the chart below.

Blue Solutions for HSA Direct, VantageBlue Direct,

VantageBlue SelectRI Direct

BasicBlue Direct
 Individual / Family Plan Individual / Family Plan

You may qualify for AccessBlue if:

  • You enroll with BCBSRI directly in BasicBlue Direct or a Silver or Bronze plan.
  • You are a Rhode Island resident.
  • Your gross annual income (as filed on your federal income taxes) is not more than 450 percent of the federal poverty level.
Persons in family / household 450% of the Federal Poverty Level
1 $52,515
2 $70,785
3  $89,055
4  $107,325
 5  $125,595
 6  $143,865
 7  $162,135
 8  $180,405

You do not qualify for Access Blue if:

  • You are eligible to receive a federal tax credit through HealthSource RI.  Check your eligibility by using the HealthSource RI calculator.
  • You are eligible for coverage under Medicare, TriCare, or other federal programs.
  • You are eligible for coverage under RIte Care or other state programs.
  • You are eligible for group coverage offered by your employer or your spouse’s employer or similar coverage (unless you are a self-employed individual).

See the AccessBlue website to download an application and find out how to apply.


Uninsured Rhode Islanders can access primary care services through one of the three membership networks listed below. Note: These are NOT health insurance plans. They will not cover major medical emergencies or hospital stays.


HealthAccessRI is a network of independent doctors and medical practices with a one-time $80 enrollment fee and a $35 monthly fee for comprehensive Primary Care Services.  Beyond the monthly fee, there is also a visit fee of $5 to $25 depending on provider.

There are no restrictions on eligibility. Anyone can become a member.

There are currently 16 participating doctors offices located around the state with 32 family-medicine doctors.  Patients can access sick visits, well child care, check-ups, school an sports physicals, family planning, yearly physicals and 24-hour emergency telephone access. Patients may also get discounted lab work, MRIs, physical therapy and specialist visits.

See HealthAccessRI to learn more.

Access Basic Care Initiative

Access Basic Care Initiative is a health care membership group in North Smithfield and Pawtucket. With a one-time $90 enrollment fee and a $45 monthly fee, members of Access Basic Care can receive the following services: a physical, blood work, ECG, and x-rays, according to Moran. There is a $15 co-pay for both primary care or urgent care visits and a $20 co-pay for an annual physical exam.

Visit Access Basic Care Initiative to learn more or click here to see office locations and hours of availability.

Hillside Access Alliance

The Hillside Access Alliance is sponsored by Hillside Family & Community Medicine
– a community-oriented family practice with eight Board Certified
physicians, and offices in Pawtucket and Scituate, Rhode Island. The Alliance provides primary health care to individuals without health insurance or those with defined contribution plans.

in the Hillside Access Alliance will have the same access
to comprehensive primary care services and same-day sick visits
that all Hillside patients enjoy. Fees include an initial registration fee of $80 for individuals or $150 maximum per household (3+ members) and a monthly fee of $30 per month. There is a $10 co-pay for office visits and additional fees for other services. See the Alliance Fees section for a complete listing of fees.

See Hillside Access Alliance for more information or to apply.