More Rhode Islanders have health insurance coverage thanks to health care reform

RI Future

New Census data show that the percentage of uninsured Rhode Islanders was 5.7 percent in 2015, half the rate it was in 2013, the year before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect.  In 2014, 7.4 percent were uninsured.

Two new avenues for affordable health insurance made available through the ACA have helped significant numbers of Rhode Islanders gain coverage.  First, new Medicaid eligibility for adults (Medicaid expansion) allowed around 60,000 single adults with income marginally above the poverty line to have health insurance coverage.

Second, the new state exchange, HealthSourceRI, provided a pathway to coverage for another 35,000 Rhode Islanders who purchase private insurance. Almost 90 percent of enrollees, those with income below four times the poverty level, quality for federal tax credits to help pay their monthly premium. The majority of enrollees (60 percent) have income below two and half times the poverty level ($29,000) and also receive assistance paying for out of pocket costs including co-pays and deductibles. (Source: HealthSourceRI, Open Enrollment 2016)