Issues We Work On

Rhode Island is a unique place to work, live and raise a family. We have a tradition of compassion and community. We know how important it is for our neighbors to be able to meet their most basic needs. We believe in a Rhode Island that is committed to the common good, that fosters economic progress for all its residents, and that invests in what it takes to create a healthy, vibrant community and pass opportunity on to our children.

About the Issues

Family Economic Security: We are committed to improving the economic security of everyone who calls the Ocean State home.

Affordable Health Care: We believe that all Rhode Islanders deserve access to affordable, quality health care.

A Skilled Workforce: We promote policies that help create well-paying jobs and build a strong economy by increasing the skills of our workforce.

Fair and Adequate Taxes: We educate the community about the need for our state to raise enough revenue to pay for the public services that are the building blocks of economic success.

Immigration Issues: We provide information about resources available to our immigrant neighbors as well as state and federal threats to equal access to benefits that help immigrant families make ends meet

State BudgetWe provide Rhode Islanders with the information needed to engage in the debate over how to meet crucial challenges facing our state.