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Click here to learn more about why Medicaid Matters in Rhode Island!

Learn how Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act has demonstrated results in improving health and reducing poverty.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ 2019 healthcare agenda focuses on advancing proposals to strengthen the Affordable Care Act:

Background: The 2018 election showed that voters support progressive health care priorities, including maintaining or expanding coverage, making coverage and care more affordable, and protecting people with pre-existing health conditions. The new Democratic House majority can advance legislation that reflects these priorities (even though that legislation is unlikely to be enacted this year) as a way of laying the groundwork for whenever a political window opens to enact that legislation. For example, they could advance legislation to improve financial assistance for people shopping for insurance in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace or legislation to block the spread of short-term health plans and other substandard health plans.

The House can also use its oversight authority to scrutinize a wide range of Administration health policies, including the decision not to defend the ACA in court (in the Texas v. Azar lawsuit); the Administration’s practice of encouraging states to use Medicaid and ACA waivers (known as “1332 waivers”) to implement the policies rejected by Congress in the 2017 ACA repeal bills; and Trump Administration sabotage that has made it harder for people to find out about and enroll in ACA coverage. Especially in combination with the repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate, cuts to advertising about health coverage under the ACA and cuts to navigator assistance to help people sign up for coverage are taking their toll.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, hearings have already started with an emphasis on examining the impact of the Administration’s policies affecting the ACA. Read moving patient testimony about how the ACA has saved lives, improved health, and served those with chronic health conditions.


SHARE YOUR ACA or MEDICAID STORY or help a family member or friend to share theirs. There’s a lot of mis-information about the ACA and Medicaid. Your story will help demonstrate that the ACA and Medicaid Expansion is a step forward in achieving coverage for all. Scroll down this page for a helpful form.


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Here’s a picture about Medicaid coverage in Rhode Island:

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What’s What in the Health Care Debate!

We strongly support the Affordable Care Act and appreciate what it has done to advance our healthcare system. But we know that to achieve health care for all we need more systemic change. We must shift the debate about health care forward, providing a platform for more open and honest dialogue.

If we all stay engaged, we can move our nation forward towards universal health care as a right.

There are many good, progressive voices in the debate.  Below are a few links to the thoughts and ideas of those with deep experience in either or both politics and policy who share a common vision for health care for all but may share differing views on how to get there.



Providence Journal: Protect Our Healthcare Coalition denounces Texas court ACA ruling

Op Ed in support of the RI Market Stability and Consumer Protection Act

Op-Ed by Coalition Chair Linda Katz & Coordinator Karen Malcolm on ProJo coverage of impact of ACA Repeal on Rhode Islanders.

Report: What You Should Know About the ACA & Medicaid in Rhode Island


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