Thank you for considering making an investment in the Institute and our work.  Together, we can advance policy solutions that will create a state where good job opportunities, a safe place to live, adequate food, and affordable health care are within reach for all Rhode Islanders.
Over the years, private donations have leveraged millions of public dollars for programs that help Rhode Islanders meet their basic needs and achieve upward mobility.

We invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to the Institute by sending in our mail-in contribution form or by donating through our secure Paypal website.

Together we can put more Rhode Islanders on a path to economic progress.

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Other ways to give


Checks made payable to the Economic Progress Institute

Workplace giving, by writing in the Economic Progress Institute through the United Way;
for SECA write in #3896

Stock, please contact the Institute for instructions

Bequest and estate gifts, please contact the Institute for suggested language

Your gift is tax-deductible.

To learn more about how you can support The Economic Progress Institute, contact Rachel Flum at 401-456-2751.

Join the Rising Tide Society

Rising Tide - Shared ProsperityCountless Rhode Islanders work hard every day yet still struggle to make ends
meet. Low wages and the high cost of living force too many working families to make choices between housing, heat, food and health care.

At the same time, choices are being made at the State House that profoundly affect families and communities – choices about investing in education, housing, health care, and other vital services that can either create opportunity and prosperity or hold it back.

The Institute is committed to informing and influencing those choices, but we cannot do it alone. We count on our generous donors who believe in us, engage with us, and invest in us. As a member of the Rising Tide Society, your gift of $500 demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that the choices made at the State House support our families, our communities and a strong economy in which prosperity is shared by all Rhode Islanders.

Join The Rising Tide Society

Thank you to our members…

Lisa and Charles Blackman – Helen DaSilva – Carmen Diaz-Jusino and Luis Jusino – Sandra Enos in memory of Sister Ann Keefe, SSJ – Alan Flam and Judy Semenoff – Rachel and Josh Flum – Patricia and Jason Fowler – Henry Gewirtz – Ann-Marie Harrington – Sue Pearlmutter – Eunice Shatz – Linda and Richard Silverman – Helen Streider and Stephen Crosby – Myrth York and David Green

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