Dental Care

 People receiving RIte Care/RIte Share or other Medical Assistance coverage:

  • Dental care is covered by Medical Assistance and recipients can see any provider who accepts this insurance.  Dentists in private practice may accept Medical Assistance but are not required to do so. The community health center dental clinics, St. Josephs (children only) and Samuels Dental Clinic (adults and children with disabilities) accept Medical Assistance.
  • Children born after May 1, 2000 who receive RIte Care are enrolled in RIte Smiles, a managed care dental benefit program that assures access to dental providers.
  • View a list of providers accepting Medical Assistance. To search for a private practice in your area that may accept Medical Assistance, click on OHHS website.

People without Medical Assistance or other insurance:

Seven community health centers have eleven dental clinics serving adults and children. Patients who are uninsured pay on a sliding scale basis. For the nearest health care center providing dental care, contact the Rhode Island Health Care Association , (401) 274-1771.

In Providence, St. Joseph’s Hospital (401-456-4461) provides care to uninsured children and Samuels Sinclair Dental Center at Rhode Island Hospital (401-444-5284) provides dental care to uninsured people with disabilities (adults and children) on a sliding scale basis.

In Lincoln, the Dental Hygiene Clinic at CCRI (401-333-7470) offers cleanings, exams, x-rays and sealants for $10.00/appointment from September through May of each school year.

For a list of all Dental Safety Net Providers in Rhode Island, click here.

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