Affordable Health Care

Approximately 120,000 Rhode Islanders do not have health insurance.

Health care has become too expensive for many American families. In Rhode Island, family health insurance costs have risen five times quicker than earnings.

Affordable health care means that families don’t need to delay seeing a doctor when they are sick or forgo vital medication. Yet, approximately 120,000 Rhode Islanders (11.6%) do not have health insurance.

In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to extend coverage to the people who lack insurance and make health care less costly and more efficient. For more information about health care reform in Rhode Island, visit the Rhode Island Health Coverage Project page.

Rhode Island Health Coverage Project: A partnership with Rhode Island KIDS COUNT to ensure that the consumer perspective is considered as Rhode Island sets state policies to implement the federal Affordable Care Act. The unique needs of people of color, people whose first language is not English, people who have limited literacy skills and people with disabilities will be a particular focus of the project. The goal is to ensure that health coverage options, including RIte Care, Medicaid and the Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange, are high-quality, comprehensive, easy to access, and affordable for all children, adults and families in Rhode Island.

Leading and participating in statewide committees: Our staff chair the RIte Care (health insurance) Consumer Advisory Committee and participate on the Medicaid Global Waiver Task Force.

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