Meet our Staff

Rachel Flum, J.D.


Executive Director

Rachel has served as the executive director of the Economic Progress Institute since September 2015. Prior to taking over as executive director, she was a senior policy analyst with the Institute for 10 years. Rachel is responsible, along with the Board, for the strategic and fund development of the organization, as well as the administration and management of the staff. Rachel serves on the Permanent Legislative Commission on Child Care, the Rhode Island Early Learning Council and the Child Support Guidelines Review Committee. Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College and a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center.

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Linda Katz J.D.


Co-Founder and Policy Director

Linda is the Policy Director and, along with Nancy Gewirtz, co-founded The Institute. Linda is responsible for legislative and policy analysis and advocacy on a range of public benefits and programs, including: welfare, health care, child care, and employment and training.

Linda is chair of the statewide RI Works Advisory Committee, and a member of the HealthSource RI Advisory Board. Before joining The Economic Progress Institute full-time in 2001, Linda worked for the RI Health Center Association, RI Disability Law Center and RI Legal Services. Linda received her Juris Doctorate from Boston College and undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester.

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Juan Espinoza, Communications and Outreach


Communications and Outreach Associate

Juan joined the Institute in 2015 to assist with communications and outreach on behalf of the Institute. Prior to joining the Institute, Juan was a Field Organizer and Deputy Finance Director for the Elorza campaign, working with community leaders throughout the city of Providence to create a diverse coalition to elect now Mayor Jorge Elorza. Previously, Juan worked as Finance Director for Nellie Gorbea’s campaign for Secretary of State.

Juan currently serves on the Board of the Childhood Lead Action Project and serves on the Communications Advisory Board of the State Priorities Partnership. Juan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and a Master of Science degree from Florida State University.

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Douglas Hall Director od Economic and Fiscal Policy


Administrative Assistant

Karina joined the Institute in 2016 to assist with the day-to-day administrative duties of EPI. Karina is also an administrative assistant for Rhode Island College Outreach Programs.

Karina has a Medical Assistant Certificate from Rhode Island College.

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