Governor McKee’s FY2022 Supplemental Budget Proposal

On October 7, 2021, Governor Dan McKee submitted to the chairpersons of the House and Senate Finance Committees a proposal to amend the current fiscal year’s budget (FY2022) by allocating approximately 10% of Rhode Island’s $1.13 billion in flexible state Fiscal Recovery Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Prior to the submission, a special House Task Force and the Senate Finance Committee held meetings on the ARPA funds, and many community organizations highlighted the need to use some of the funds to address immediate needs. The House and Senate Finance Committees began holding hearings on the Supplemental Budget Proposal (HB6494) during the week of October 18.[1] Rhode Island remains one of fifteen or so states that have yet to allocate any of these funds.[2]


[1] The committees are taking testimony in writing and in person. To see the committee calendars, go to

[2] Guidelines issued by the U.S. Treasury explain that these funds can be used for the following purposes: to support the public health response to the pandemic; to respond to the adverse economic effects of the pandemic; to offer extra pay for essential workers; to improve water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure; and to replace local revenue lost due to the pandemic.