EPI reports on ‘The State of Black Families in Rhode Island’

By Steve Ahlquist

“This report pulls together data that have been highlighted by different sources and community members over the years to provide a full picture of how Black Rhode Islanders are faring in the Ocean State,” said Rachel Flum, Executive Director of the Economic Progress Institute (EPI). “The significantly higher rates of unemployment and underemployment, lower wages and educational attainment, and over-representation in the criminal justice system should set off alarm bells for all of us. We hope this report will be a catalyst for action by policy makers, educators, the business community and the public.”

In a new report, “The State of Black Families in Rhode Island 2015” released at the 104th NAACP Freedom Fund breakfast Saturday morning, details about key economic and social indicators for Black families in Rhode Island and the disparities with their White counterparts are explored.