Emergency Shelter

Homeless: For assistance finding temporary shelter for homeless individuals, call 2-1-1 or for a complete list of shelters and additional resources, see the 2015 Shelter Guide. For more information about support for the homeless, contact RI Coalition for the Homeless, (401) 721-5685.

Domestic Violence: For shelters for victims of domestic violence, contact the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence, (401) 467-9940.

Questions about your rights?

Fair Housing Rhode Island is a coordinated statewide campaign to raise awareness about state and federal fair housing laws. Or call RI Legal Services Housing Hotline, 1-800-662-5034, ext 124.

Foreclosure Assistance

Rhode Island Housing has a Help Center to provide advice and education for persons facing foreclosure or trying to avoid foreclosure. The center’s counselors can help property owners avoid losing their home or cope with the loss of their home; make sense of an existing mortgage; make safe, informed decisions about finding an affordable rental or mortgage; and prepare for homeownership. For more information call (401) 457-1130 and for Spanish, (401) 457-1122.

The Housing Network of Rhode Island, the association of nonprofit community development corporations, sponsors the Homeownership Connection that can provide advice about all aspects of homeownership, including foreclosures. For more information contact (401) 521-1461 or 1-888-722-1461.