A Summary of the Medicaid Proposals in Governor Raimondo’s FY16 Budget

 March 23, 2015

Governor Raimondo has proposed her budget for Fiscal Year 2016 which totals $8.67 billion, a decrease of just over $200 million (2.4%) from the 2015 Revised Budget.  General revenue expenditures are $3.49 billion, an increase of $3.2 million.

The budget includes steep cuts to the Medicaid program, which provides affordable health care to more than one in four Rhode Islanders. As of February 2015, Medicaid served 158,000 children and parents, including 9,600 children with special health care needs and 2,400 children in substitute care; close to 62,000 adults who recently enrolled thanks to the Affordable Care Act  (Medicaid expansion); and 47,800 seniors and adults with disabilities (including 33,374 consumers who also have Medicare coverage).


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