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Testimony in Support of H7572, Adult Education
April 17, 2014 - We all know that a skilled workforce is vital to Rhode Island’s economic success. The Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (RIDE) estimates that with a $2 million investment, the adult education providers could open their doors to those standing on the threshold of opportunity.

Testimony in Support of H7564, Adult Education
April 17, 2014 - This bill would restore the availability of fee waiver for low income test takers. Removing financial obstacles for Rhode Islanders who are ready to obtain their GED is good public policy for the individual and his/her family, for our businesses and for our economy.

Testimony in Support of S2533, The Rhode Island Health Care Authority Act
April 14, 2014 - This legislation establishes a Health Care Commissioner and a Health Care Authority whose responsibility is to evaluate specific mechanisms to make our system more efficient and more affordable, and report back to the General Assembly next year.

Responsible Corporate Tax Reform
April 11, 2014 - Tax cuts have only a negligible effect on creating jobs and generating economic activity. What really works is investing in schools, transportation, safe communities and other tried and true building blocks of economic growth...If they are enacted, lawmakers should offset revenue losses by adopting a system used in many other states to make sure large, profitable, multi-state corporations pay their fair share for the services they use in Rhode Island.