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What's New

Highlights from Governor Raimondo's FY16 Budget
March 24, 2015 - Five highlights from Governor Raimondo's Fiscal Year 16 budget.

A Summary of the Medicaid Proposals in Governor Raimondo's FY16 Budget
March 23, 2015 - A brief summary of the changes being proposed to Rhode Island's Medicaid program through Governor Raimondo's Fiscal Year 2016 budget.

Making Work Pay for Working Families: Increasing the State's Earned Income Tax Credit
March 13, 2015 - Rhode Islanders who work full-time should be able to support their families. Yet, far too many are struggling to pay for housing, heat, food, and health care. This issue brief highlights reasons why Rhode Island’s refundable Earned Income Tax Credit should be increased. 

Testimony regarding the state's minimum corporate tax
March 07, 2015 - The Economic Progress Institute has concerns about these bills, all of which would reduce corporate income tax collections in some way, and each of which would impair the adequacy and equity of our tax structure.