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What's New

Policy Outcomes 2014
July 16, 2014 - This brief summary highlights several policy changes made in 2014 that will have an impact on the fiscal health of Rhode Island and its residents.

Few Winners and Many Losers in RI Tax Reform
June 09, 2014 - Read about the winners and losers in proposed changes to Rhode Island's estate tax, earned income tax credit, and property tax relief circuit breaker program.

Corporate Tax Cuts Are Risky Business
May 07, 2014 - Read our issue brief that explains why tax cuts have but a negligible effect on creating jobs and generating economic activity and why RI lawmakers should adopt combined reporting if they reduce the state's corporate income tax.

Improving access to affordable child care
May 02, 2014 - Read more about the bills that the Institute is supporting to expand access to affordable child care, which is critical to low- and modest-income working families in Rhode Island.